• Are you concerned about a child who is acting out, seems depressed, has trouble with peers or school, has developmental problems, or has experienced a trauma?

  • Are you a part of a family in transition where there has been a loss such as a death or divorce, a remarriage with step children, or a difficult move?
  • Are you in a relationship in which there is sexual difficulty, trouble with intimacy, quarrelsomeness, or worries about compatibility with your partner?

  • Has there been a crisis that prompts you to look for help at this time?

  • Are there long standing personal concerns you feel compelled to resolve (depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, self-destructive habits).

  • Are you in transition, needing help to get your footing?
I offer a broad range of services to individuals (child or adult), couples, and families.

Through various modalities, including intensive psychotherapy, play therapy, and art therapy, I address the concerns developed in the above questions.

My clients and I work in an environment carefully structured to address the problems at hand to provide both support and personal growth.

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